What I'm working on 

I launched the Waldo County Works Business tour in October 2017 with a simple goal in mind: talk to business owners across Waldo County about what more I can do to help keep young people here, working at good-paying jobs, raising their families and growing our economy from the ground up. Over the last six months, I visited more than 100 incredible businesses across Waldo County because there are so many who are adapting, innovating and expanding across our community. I was proud to be from Waldo County before this tour started. Now, I’m more energized than ever to make sure everyone knows just how incredible it is to live and work in rural Maine.

New Legislation 

Business owners across Waldo County opened their doors to me and were honest about the challenges they face. I listened and introduced 3 new bills during the 128th legislative session to champion businesses in my community and throughout the state.


essential SKILLS

Working with Waldo County  educators to expand essential skill courses for business new hires.

Bill Title: 

An Act to Empower Maine’s Rural Economy and Workforce


community college

Beginning the process for a community college center in Waldo County.

Bill Title: 

An Act to Promote Innovation and Growth in Maine’s Traditional Industries



To reward employers who  provide affordable housing or a housing credit to employees. 

Bill Title: 

An Act to Expand Job Opportunities for People Working in Maine

More of My Legislation